July 3 update:

The Organizing Committee considered the situation regarding the ongoing emergency and prospect of limited ability for both our Jury members and participants to attend the Second Round of the Competition and decided that the Round will take place in a hybrid online/in person form, that will have those participants and Jury members that are unquestionably able to attend the auditions (meaning those that can be considered local) come on August 12 and the rest send their recordings to be viewed by the Jury with the deadline of July 25. We regret to inform everyone that there will be no Closing Ceremony and Winners’ Gala Concert this year. We will be limited to emailing the diplomas to the winners after the Jury’s deliberation.

The audition schedule will be produced closer to August 10. Please note that while we will try to work with everyone, the schedule will be very strict, as we cannot have participants wait within the venue. No visitors will be allowed during the auditions, as we had been strictly limited by the administration of our venue, to which we are very thankful for working with us to allow the in-person part to take place at all. It should also be mentioned that no masterclasses will take place this year.

We are very disappointed that our jubilee event is taking place in such a truncated form, but we feel that better to have something than give up completely.  We hope everyone remains safe and healthy and wish everyone success.

As per General Decree by the city of Karlsruhe prohibiting events and closing facilities to prevent the spread of the coronavirus until April 19 June 15 we are sorry to inform everyone that the Second Round of our Competition will be postponed.
While our current expectation is that the new dates will be August 11-17, it is by no means assured. We are considering all possibilities including making the Second Round by recording. The situation will be evaluated after June 15. We will announce any further updates as they happen.
We hope everyone stays safe and healthy. 
General decree of the city of Karlsruhe prohibiting events and closing facilities to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (SARS-CoV 2)

As of March 11 we believe the Second Round will take place as planned. It will not be postponed. As a courtesy to those who doubted we are extending our application deadline for the last time until March 15. There will be no more extensions.


Dear participants and guests of the competition! Dear colleagues!

I greet you at this forum of music!

The international competition has drawn the attention of musicians from different countries including:

USA, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Germany, Holland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Korea, Switzerland, France, Sweden.

The musical competition differs from other competitions in that there will be no winners here. All will win regardless of the points issued by the jury.I want to complete my salutation to you with the words of my teacher, great Dmitri Shostakovich, who had been and remains the example of honesty, decency, altruism and the etalon for fidelity to the beautiful world of Music:

“May it be so that the ranks of admirers, the personalities and the Friends of Music multiply!

May it be so that the Music of humanity brings happiness, enriches the intellectual life of the people, makes it easier to scare away the sorrow, more fully and actively feel the pleasures of life on our Earth. ”

Good luck, creative discoveries, health, joy and happiness I wish you my friends!

Professor Vadim Voyler

The chairman of the jury of the international competition

“Musical Fireworks in Baden-Württemberg”.

Sehr geehrte Teilnehmer und Gäste des Wettbewerbes! Sehr geehrte Kollegen!

Herzlich begrüße ich Sie auf diesem Forum der Musik!

Der internationale Wettbewerb hat zu sich die Aufmerksamkeit der Musiker verschiedener Länder herangezogen:

USA, Georgien, Armenien, Azerbaidjan, Türkei, Russland, Ukraine, Griechenland, Deutschland, Holland, Bulgarien, Estland, Korea, Schweiz, Frankreich, Schweden.

Der musikalische Wettbewerb unterscheidet sich von anderen Wettbewerben dadurch, dass es hier keine Sieger geben wird. Alle werden unabhängig von den ausgestellten Zensuren der Juroren gewinnen. Meine Anrede möchte ich mit Wörtern meines Lehrers, großen Dmitri Schostakowitsch, der für mich das Muster der Ehrlichkeit, der Anständigkeit, der Uneigennützigkeit und der Etalon für Treue der schönen Welt der Musik war und bleibt, beenden:

„Möge es so sein, dass sich die Reihen der Bewunderer, der Persönlichkeiten und der Freunde der Musik vermehren!

Möge es so sein, dass die Musik der Menschheit das Glück bringt, das Geistesleben der Bewunderer bereichert, den Menschen es leichter macht, den Kummer zu verscheuchen, voller und aktiver die Freuden des Lebens auf unserer Erde zu empfinden.“

Viel Erfolg, schöpferischer Entdeckungen, Gesundheit, Freude und Glück wünsche ich Ihnen meine Freunde!

Professor Vadim Voyler

Der Vorsitzende der Juroren des internationalen Wettbewerbes

„ Musikalisches Feuerwerk in Baden-Württemberg“.

Dates for our Tenth competition are: first round submissions deadline March 1, 2020 March 15, 2020. Our second round will take place  August 11-17 2020 in Karlsruhe. Watch this space for more information.



We had been informed that some confirmation emails did not go through. If you need confirmation that you passed, please email .

Official language of the Competition is English. All communications from the Organizing Committee will be in English. While we will try to reply to communications in other languages, please do not expect us to be better than Google Translate, both in reading your email and replying to it.

Offizielle Sprache des Wettbewerbs ist Englisch. Alle Mitteilungen des Organisationskomitees erfolgen in englischer Sprache. Wir werden zwar versuchen, auf Mitteilungen in anderen Sprachen zu antworten, aber erwarten Sie nicht, dass wir besser als Google Übersetzer sind, sowohl beim Lesen Ihrer E-Mails als auch beim Antworten darauf.

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